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Bank All Info

Bank All Info

Regular used words in banking world

Regular used words in banking world Promissory Note Promissory Note is an instrument in writing (not being a bank note or a currency not), containing an unconditional undertaking, signed by …
Chittagong Seaport

Sea Ports list of Bangladesh

Sea Ports list of Bangladesh Sea Port refers to the establishment for loading and unloading of goods having anchorage facility for ships and embarkation and disembarkation facilities for passengers. Since …
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Land Ports list of Bangladesh

Land Ports list of Bangladesh Benapole Land Port Burimari Land Port Akhaura Land Port Sonamosjid Land Port Hili Land Port Banglabandha Land Port Teknaf Land Port Bibirbazar Land Port Birol …
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City Bank info City Bank info Phone: +880-2-8813483, 8814375, 8813126 Fax: +88-02-9884446 Email: Info Loans DPS Cards Accounts Services Head Office  City Bank Center, 136, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212, …
Bank of Baroda

Information of bank of Baroda

Information of bank of Baroda  Information of Bank of Baroda : Brief  History of the bank Bank of Baroda is an Indian state-owned International banking and financial services company headquartered …
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Information of Andhra Bank

Information of Andhra Bank     Information of Andhra Bank:   Brief  History of the bank “Andhra Bank” was founded by the eminent freedom  fighter and a multifaceted genius, Dr. …
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Information of Allahabad Bank

  Information of Allahabad Bank:  Established on: April 24, 1865 Head Quarter: Kolkata, India Number of Branch: 3,248 branches (Sep-2017) Key Person: CEO, Usha Ananthasubramanian (May 6, 2017–), Usha Ananthasubramanian …

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All jobs sites of Bangladesh

All jobs sites of Bangladesh is the first and leading career management site in Bangladesh. Eight young business and IT friends backed by strong command over e-business and in-depth understanding of the needs of job seekers and employers in the country's context started this venture on July 2000.  has been able to get good response from a large number of organizations in the country who use online job advertisement facility, online CV bank access and online application receiving and processing facility of Till now, more than 10,000 employers in the country have recruited more than 3,50,000 professionals at different levels for their organizations through service.

No. of Unique Daily Visitors:     95,000 (on average)   
Monthly Pageviews:     40 million
No. of Resumes :     9,00,000+
No. of Corporate Accounts:     10,000+

EXP Form

EXP Form

EXP Forms issued in quadruplicate & numbered serially. Signed by the exporter & certified by the branch. EXP Forms are properly entered in register with full particulars before issuance of the same.

The certified sets are to be submitted to the custom authority along with shipping documents by the exporter. The custom authority will fill up the necessary portion & return the duplicate, triplicate & quadruplicate copies to the exporter for submission of the same to the branch

Branch should taka care not to issues fresh EXP – From for the same consignment. If second EXP – Form is issued then the first EXP- Form will be kept unreconcilled in Bangladesh Bank. The utilization of the sets of EXP Form are as:

Custom authority forwarded it to Bangladesh Bank
Branch submits to Bangladesh Bank with in 14 days from the date of shipment of goods
Branch reports to Bangladesh Bank after repatriation of the export proceeds
Remains as the office copy of the branch.

(a)        EXP Form Register:

i.                    Full particulars of EXP Form should be entered in the register & specimen is given below.
ii.                  A separate folio should be allotted in each exporter in the register for the purpose of recording the particulars of the EXP Form as well as to ensure that the relative forms are submitted to the branch along with the shipping documents allowed by the customs.
iii.                If no shipment could be made with in a reasonable time, the exporters concerned should be asked to surrender the unused EXP Forms for customs.
iv.                The cancelled EXP Forms should be filed in the file of the respective exporter.

Forms No.

Amount in

EXP Form
Date of
officer’s Initial
Date of


Date of

Date of
Of Duplicate
Date of
in F.C
Paid to
Date of
Of Duplicate

(b)       Declaration on EXP Form

Before exporting any commodity, the exporter is required to declare on EXP Form, the full particulars of the export showing description, quantity, grade & value of exports as well as the country of imports, to the custom officer at the export point, under taking to repatriate the full export value to Bangladesh with in a period of 04 months through a Bank in Bangladesh. All the copies are to be properly & correctly filled in & signed by the exporter or his authorized agent before the same is submitted to customers.

(c)        Checking of EXP Form

            On receipt of the EXP Form the same shall have to be scrutinized to ensure the following:

i.                    All receipt of the EXP Form have been properly filled in & duly signed by the exporter or his authorized agent as recorded with the branch.
ii.                  The exporter is registered with CCI & E & the valid export registration number has been quoted on the EXP Form correctly.
iii.                Arrangement has been made with the branch for payment of custom duty on export where applicable.
iv.                Goods intended for export are permissible for export as per foreign exchange regulation.
(d)       Certification of EXP Forms

Before issuing any EXP Form to an exporter the branch is required to give certificate in all the copies. The authorized official of the branch under proper stamp of the branch should sign this certificate. The customs officials will not accept declaration on the EXP Form unless all the copies bear the aforesaid certificate. In order to avoid any loss of foreign exchange to the country, branch should not certify any EXP Form unless they have satisfied them selves with regard of the following points.

i.                    About the bonafide to the exporter & foreign buyer, if necessary by making enquiry through foreign correspondents.
ii.                  The arrangements made for realization of full export proceeds covered by the relative EXP Form with in specific period.
iii.                Arrangements has been made for receipt of title of goods like bill of lading, airway bill etc by the branch on shipment of the underlying goods.
iv.                The EXP Form is signed either by the exporter or one holding valid legal power of attorney such that both the exporter & their attorney may be held responsible jointly & severally for repatriation of export proceeds.
v.                  In case of exports on CAD, T.R, D.A, care should be taken, as any L/C does not back terms of export.
vi.                If shipment is proposed to be made against a charter party B/L, necessary confidential reports of the charter party should be obtained.

(e)        Disposal of EXP Form by Customs

After passing the goods for export, the custom authority will certify with date of shipment of goods, on all of the EXP Form & forward the original copy (exchange control copy) to Bangladesh Bank & remaining 3 – copies to the exporter for forward transmission to the branch, who citified the EXP Form.

(f)        Submission of EXP (second & third copy) to Bangladesh Bank

i.                    After shipment the branch will certify the duplicate copy of EXP Form under seal & signature & forward it to Bangladesh Bank with in 14 days from date of shipment along with a certified copy of commercial invoice.
ii.                  On receipt of the realization of export proceeds branch will certify triplicate copy of EXP Form & forward the same to Bangladesh Bank along with monthly statement supported by A-I schedule.

Shipping Guarantee

Shipping Guarantee

In absence of the original shipping documents, goods may be cleared by non-negotiable copies of the documents, against indemnity / shipping guarantee issued by the L.C opening bank on request of the importer. Before issuance of guarantee branch should have to observe following formalities:

i.                    Checking of Invoice & Non negotiable copy of Bill of Lading with L/C file are done and that shipment is effected before expiry of L/C & the invoice value is within the L/C amount & other particulars are in order.
ii.                  A letter of indemnity i.e. a counter guarantee is obtained from the importer.
iii.                Retention of 100% margin made & Bank’s commission is realized.

Accounting Procedure

(a)        Contra Transfer Voucher                    Dr.      Bank’s liability for acceptance of L/C

                                                                        Cr.       Customers liability for acceptance of L/C

                                                                        Dr.       Customer’s liability S.G.

                                                                        Cr.       Banker’s liability on S.G

(b)        A/C’s voucher                         Dr.       Importer’s account
                                                                        Dr.       Margin / cash security on L.C
                                                                        Cr.       Margin / cash security on S.G
                                                                        Cr.       Income A/c Com / Charges

iv.        On receipt of the original shipping documents following reversal vouchers are to be passed:

            (a)        Contra Transfer voucher         Dr.       Banker’s liability on S.G
                                                                        Cr.       Customer’s liability on S.G

            (b)        A/C’s voucher                        Dr.       Margin / cash security on S.G
                                                                        Dr.       Importers account (if any)
                                                                        Cr.       MBE Account
                                                                        Cr.       Income A/c Com / Charges etc

iv.                Entered in Shipping Guarantee Register, having following column:

S.G No.
Name of
L.C. No
Amount of Guarantee


B.L No & date

Charge recovered
Reversal date
Return of Indemnity

            Bill of Entry for consumption:

i.                    Detail statement of imported goods prepared by the importer / the C & F agent concerning description, nature & value of goods, payment of duty, sale tax, vat etc signed by custom`s authority.
ii.                  The importer must submit exchange control copy of custom bill of entry to AD branch within 04 months from the date of remittance. If it is not submitted with the period the matter should be taken up with the concern importer & promptly reported to Bangladesh Bank for further necessary action against the importer.
iii.                Bill of entry & certified invoice submitted by the importer should be matched & checked with relevant duplicate IMP form & should be filed separately party wise & month wise for eventual inspection by Bangladesh Bank.